Voxeet Conferencing

Get free international conference calls from any computer, tablet or mobile phone

Get free international conference calls from any computer, tablet or mobile phone

Voxeet delivers 3DHD sound so you hear every word, an intuitive interface so you always know who's talking and a totally seamless mobile experience—all without dial-ins or PINs. It's never been easier to conference on any device, anywhere.

Voxeet conferencing features:

• Personalize your virtual conference room with an intuitive, customizable interface

• Start a new conference call from any device with one simple click—no dial-in numbers or PINs necessary

• Let Voxeet set up your meeting, notify your participants and call everyone—including you—at the scheduled time

• Transfer live conference calls from your computer to your smartphone in a single click

• Have private two-way conversations during your call without disrupting other participants

• Leave select conferences on all day as open channels or virtual rooms for ad hoc meetings

• Switch from a low-quality IP connection to a local phone line with one click

• Import contacts from your smartphone address book, email, Google or Facebook

• Connect from your Mac, PC, smartphone or tablet or dial in for free from over 40 countries

• Use Voxeet on WIFI, 3G/4G and LTE networks

Voxeet benefits and how we differ from our competitors:

- Hear every word with our state-of-the-art technology – 3DHD sound

- Clear calls that are easy to follow = more productive calls for better collaboration

- Seamless mobility enables the mobile workforce to take calls anywhere, anytime

- Natural conferencing = audio and visual cues with intuitive interface

- One-click conference connect from any device

Voxeet Conferencing


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